At some point or another in any good friendship, the idea will come up to open up a bar. We had ours in Miami sometime in 2003. We opened up some beers and a notebook and began writing down everything we wanted to see in our dream pub. Once we sobered up and got more serious about the idea, we started to do actual research and as we acquired knowledge, we realized that our true passion was in brewing. The idea evolved over time, and the blueprints for a brewery/meadery began to take shape. In 2012, guided by our love and support for craft beer and mead, we put all of our focus on planning a brewery to support and participate in the vividly growing craft beer scene we loved so much. Immortal Brewing Company was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015. Ours is a quest to produce craft beers and meads fuelled by a passion for knowledge and innovation of these fine libations.


In 2012, I decided I wanted to dedicate my professional career to the craft beer industry. What would be better than opening a brewery? Nothing. I love the science, art, and passion that goes into creating a beer. There is a beer for everyone. My mission is to make sure that every person can find a beer they love.


My first big memory of beer is watching the commercials on TV, the water rushing over the golden barley, I always thought that was beautiful. My second big memory with beer, was having a craft beer with complexity. It was an awakening for me. I became passionately obsessed with beer's history and how deeply intertwined it is with everything that happens in our world. Civilization, revolution, technological advance, the very founding of our beautiful country can be tied to beer. I want to bring the joy beer has given me to the world, because the truth is, I wholeheartedly believe that beer is life.

Andres Reyes